Dec 18 2015


cute socksIt’s something that happens to you with age, like fallen arches or colonoscopies. You no longer seek anyone else’s approval in what you wear. Fuck Fashion becomes your motto. Maybe it’s getting back in touch with your inner child who is a damn sight more fun than you’ve been for decades.

For me, the big change has been most visible in my socks. It began when things like nylons and garters and high heels went by the wayside. Peeping out from my pant legs now is a menagerie of animals or swirls or stripes, many adorned with metallic threads or puff balls. I actually have three pairs of socks with chili peppers, each in a different hue.

North of my feet, I still manage to be somewhat in control. Even I know a woman who wears Size Big Butt Baby shouldn’t prance around in the yellow spandex capris and explosions of sparkles across my chest. But oh, the socks.That’s just a shitload of adorable happening down there.


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  1. And I’ve been wearing Smartwool – how incredibly boring ! Must branch out. Thanks for the push.

    Virtual hugs,

    • kayk597 on December 20, 2015 at 5:41 am
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    So funny. I was just thinking I had to start a neat sock collection! Thanks for the push in the right direction.
    Have a great holiday!

    1. Yes. Every Washingtonian needs neat socks. What else would we wear with our sandals?

  2. Ah, I knew it. Another fashion maven!

    • Judy Duncan on December 18, 2015 at 9:46 pm
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    OH YES. I wear green socks with yellow and white chickens! JudyD

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