Nov 02 2015


Bowie Lust mediumI’ve been revising a novella I wrote ages ago. It is far better now that I know what the hell I’m doing. It fits somewhere on the fantasy continuum … you know the one with Dune-realistic sci fi at one end and hookah smoking caterpillars at the other.

I’ve just received the cover for it. What do you think? Hopefully, you will notice right away this is not a tale for grade schoolers. When it comes to the lust part, I didn’t write what I know … I wrote what I knew.

BTW, many of you know I suffered the loss of my subscriber list, a dreadful malady not covered by Obamacare. If you haven’t re-subscribed, please do so now, up there at the top of the right column. If you don’t? In the interest of full disclosure, you should be aware I am something of a voodoo queen. I’m just saying.


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    • Teri on November 4, 2015 at 12:40 am
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    The cover mixed with the title grabbed my attention. Just never imagined combining Jim Bowie with bodacious breasts. And why not, according to history he was a man and most men like bodacious breasts,

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