Oct 07 2000


A Novel of Psychological Suspense.
What psychologist Laura Covington learns is unimaginable…what she does is unprecedented.
Portland, Oregon, 1989. Respected psychologist LAURA COVINGTON makes the life changing decision to give up her cushy corporate job and devote herself to community mental health. She desires a needier, grittier case load, and does she ever get it. She could never have anticipated the destructive secrets she exposes at her new job in the Oregon desert.
A new client is a highly traumatized man, one who may have multiple personality disorder (MPD). Through him, Laura becomes convinced that a psychopath posing as head of a cult is actually using mental and physical torture to “create” an army of troubled souls that responds to his every wish.
Laura uses every ethical means to fight back, but finally the stakes are too high. Her battle escalates when her lover is threatened, her best friend is murdered and her child is endangered. The struggle between protagonist and psychopath becomes an out-and-out war on evil as Laura fights for everything she loves.

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