Mar 26 2016


At long last, I have published Fun House Chronicles in paperback. Here are the top five reasons why:FHC new cover mid

  • To see just what a techno-butt I can be when working with formats that are a simple challenge for the rest of the world.
  • I have a strong emotional connection to the subject matter. You can read the facts of long term care elsewhere … my mission was to explore the emotions of it. We’ll all face it for ourselves or a loved one.
  • Because Bear, Lily, Eunice, Charlie, Jessica and Sylvia demanded it. Never doubt that a writer goes through life with characters yapping in her head.
  • To design the interior type on crisp white pages and decide on a slick gloss cover finish and choose for myself what the cover should be. The paperback smells good and feels right in your hands. And it doesn’t need a plug.
  • And, most important, because many good souls have asked for it.

Fun House Chronicles is now available on here along with its ebook sister. FYI, I chose a price based on a deeply researched and highly sound dynamic: at $13.95 for the paperback (still $2.95 as an ebook), my royalty will be about enough for a good cuppa joe. Which is payment enough to write the next book.

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    • Mary K Rose - Korgal on July 4, 2016 at 1:32 am
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    Linda I loved your book the fun house chronicles I simply could not put it down. Please keep that pen working you are brilliant. I’m going to start another one now. An old school friend Mary K Rose- Korgal

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