Aug 09 2015

Hard to Bear is Nearly Ready

At last! The second in my PI Bear Jacobs series is nearly ready to introduce through Amazon. The final edit is underway; the book should be available within the next thirty days.

Hard to Bear - by Linda B MyersTo the left is the cover (duh). And here is the ‘sell copy’ for Amazon:

Life at Latin’s Ranch adult care home is anything but restful for retired PI Bear Jacobs, his eWatson Lily Gilbert and the rest of the residents who have dedicated themselves to righting very serious wrongs. In Hard to Bear, a vicious upstart gang is producing old-fashioned snuff films with a horrific new twist: custom-order murder for sale. Have people become so enraged by surrounding events that they seek such evil to feed their own fury?

While Bear, a cane wielding, overweight grouch, investigates and Lily keeps case notes as she sees fit (“… if Bear doesn’t like it, he can pound sand …”), life goes on at Latin’s Ranch. Lily’s daughter Sylvia draws a bead on a hot new lover, Jessica and Ben make plans regarding his grandbaby’s future, Eunice takes up a new craft to everyone’s dismay. Unbeknownst to them all, they come under danger themselves as Bear joins forces with an avenging mobster famiglia, a special forces soldier tormented by PTSD, and a pack of mad dogs to remove the evil that has taken root in the Pacific Northwest woods. Hard to Bear is a cozy with bite.

The introductory price will be $2.99. What do you think … do the cover and copy peak your interest? Opinions, please!

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