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Lessons of Evil - Linda B MyersLESSONS OF EVIL

A Novel of Psychological Suspense.
What psychologist Laura Covington learns is unimaginable…what she does is unprecedented.

Portland, Oregon, 1989. Respected psychologist LAURA COVINGTON makes the life changing decision to give up her cushy corporate job and devote herself to community mental health. She desires a needier, grittier case load, and does she ever get it. She could never have anticipated the destructive secrets she exposes at her new job in the Oregon desert.

A new client is a highly traumatized man, one who may have multiple personality disorder (MPD). Through him, Laura becomes convinced that a psychopath posing as head of a cult is actually using mental and physical torture to “create” an army of troubled souls that responds to his every wish.

Laura uses every ethical means to fight back, but finally the stakes are too high. Her battle escalates when her lover is threatened, her best friend is murdered and her child is endangered. The struggle between protagonist and psychopath becomes an out-and-out war on evil as Laura fights for everything she loves.

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A Time of Secrets - Linda B. Meyer


Keawalani is a village on the Big Island of Hawai’i, tucked away where tourists rarely go. Life is gentle and uncomplicated until Maile Palea, an 8-year-old girl, disappears. Twelve years later she is still missing.

A Time of Secrets tells the story of Maile’s sister and brother who never give up trying to find her and cannot heal until they do, the distress of a village that no longer feels safe from a changing world, and the perpetrator who discovers what dreadful things happen when you keep secrets too long.

If you love authentic Hawaiian lifestyle – and if you like your stories served up with suspense and hot tropical nights – this is a rich, satisfying adventure just for you.  Aloha!

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“When you grow old, when your body becomes its own worst enemy, what happiness can possibly remain?”

Fun House Chronicles - Linda B Myers


Lily Gilbert is pissed. She’s lost one leg to diabetes, and the next infection could kill her. She enters a nursing home ready to flout authority and kick administrative butt until the chill realities of institutionalization nearly flatten her. She soon calls it the Fun House for the scary sights and sounds that await her there.

Lily grapples with suicide until she becomes drawn in by the other residents and staffers – a quirky and eccentric crew with enough idiosyncrasies of their own to keep Lily intrigued. Prepare for a few surprises along the way.

Things get worse when the nursing home threatens to close leaving Lily no other place to go. How she, her daughter and her new friends handle this challenge shows that each stage of life can be its own adventure

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Bear In Mind - Linda B. Meyers


Meet retired P.I. Bear Jacobs, his eWatson Lily Gilbert, and the rest of the quirky residents at Jessica’s Adult Care Home. Yes, they are infirm. Yes, they gripe. But all the while, they’re solving crimes, dodging bullets, and popping heart pills. They’re tough, they’re engaged and, judging by the enemies they make, they stand mighty tall on their canes, walkers and wheels.

In Bear in Mind, the first of the PI Bear Jacobs series, the characters you met in Fun House Chronicles investigate the case of Charlie’s missing wife. Bear learns that women in the community are disappearing at an alarming rate. Is a madman attacking older women, a la the Boston Strangler? It’s a dangerous and twisted trail that Bear follows toward a surprising conclusion.

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*HARD TO BEAR, the second in the series, is another cozy with bite*

Hard to Bear - by Linda B Myers


Life at Latin’s Ranch adult care home is anything but restful ever since retired PI Bear Jacobs and his band of geriatric operatives dedicated themselves to righting serious wrongs. Their bodies may be letting them down, but their minds are as sharp as ever. Since they’re not as bound by rules as the law enforcement officers around them, it’s a mistake to underestimate them.

In HARD TO BEAR, the second in the PI Bear Jacobs series, a vicious gang is producing old-fashioned snuff films with a violent new twist: custom-order murder for sale. Innocent victims are being kidnapped and murdered, and Bear, a cane-wielding, overweight grouch of a shamus, investigates. He is aware there is enough evil loose in the land that there is a market for such things.

Bear’s sidekick and eWatson, Lily Gilbert, is back in action, too, keeping the case notes in a style all her own. Meanwhile, the quirky life at the adult home goes on as Lily’s daughter draws a bead on a hot new lover, the mob capo living there comes out of hiding, one of the octogenarians takes up a new craft to everyone’s dismay, and their caregiver takes in a baby to protect,.

Unbeknown to them all, they come under danger themselves as Bear joins forces with an avenging mobster family, a special forces soldier tormented by PTSD, and a pack of mad dogs. Together, they seek out the evil that has taken root in the Pacific Northwest woods.

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Linda B Myers Bear Claus book coverBEAR CLAUS, A Bear Jacobs Holiday Novella

PI Bear Jacobs is mired down in the holidays with seasonal depression. His e-Watson, Lily, knows a mystery to solve will bring him around. She aims him at the perfect puzzle: somebody is charging Eunice’s account for too many fancy pants at the My Fair Pair lingerie shop. Bear investigates, following a shop employee on a merry chase through a local casino. Then all turns far more serious as the trail leads to a homeless camp in the Northwest Forest and possibly to more dangerous places beyond. Bear Claus is a Christmas novella in the PI Bear Jacobs series.



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When Eunice wins the Arctic Angel Award, the Latin’s Ranch gang cruises to Alaska to pick up her prize. But high life on shipboard is dashed by low life murderers and thieves. One of their aides is struck down, so retired PI Bear Jacobs and his eWatson Lily set aside sorrow to take action. They put themselves in danger to save Eunice and solve the case of the short-tailed albatross. The third mystery in the Bear Jacobs Series.

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