Oct 19 2000

More About Me..

Hi. Thanks for stopping by. I live in the Pacific Northwest, out on the Olympic Peninsula. The most valuable thing in my wardrobe may be my rain boots. My Maltese Dotty gets curly when she’s wet, and since her tummy isn’t far above the grass, she’s wet a lot.


LESSONS OF EVIL was my first novel, written because trauma survivors are punished once by the trauma, then a second time by being misunderstood. It scared me to write this book, and it will give you a few jitters, too.


My parents and my husband died in assisted care facilities, so I claim an unrivaled record for placing my butt in those hard visitor chairs. I’ve seen the ins and outs of the elder care world. FUN HOUSE CHRONICLES offers earthy guidance to anyone facing tough decisions for themselves or their loved ones.


BEAR IN MIND is the first in my mystery series, appearing now on Kindle Select. It’s a return of the Fun House gang, this time solving a very ominous mystery. The second in the series, HARD TO BEAR, has just been added, as well. As long as you folks keep on liking Bear Jacob mysteries, I’ll keep writing them.


A TIME OF SECRETS is a suspense novel set in Hawaii. I have loved the Big Island for decades, having first visited it before it was even a state. This book is a dark mystery set against the lifestyle, quirky humor, and culture of a native village.


I’m currently developing a series of novellas called the CASCADIAN REVELS. These are fantasies with action, fun, fear … and, yes, a message.


The Early Years


Ferry on Puget Sound – Linda B Meyers


I live on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.


I won my first creative contest in the sixth grade back in the Dark Ages for my Clean Up Fix Up Paint Up Week poster. This started a career that even a Phi Beta Kappa and BA from Michigan State University could not derail.


The Career Years


I wrote a non-fiction book entitled “The Great Lakes: North America’s Inland Sea.” It was published back in the Dark Ages and is now out of print. It appears, naked and alone, on eBay or Amazon every now and then.


From that experience I learned how little an author can make. So I became a copywriter in Chicago and eventually a creative director. I learned it not only pays to advertise, it pays to write it, too.


I started my own marketing business under the name of Mycomm One. While I can tell others how to spend their money wisely, I have no idea how to manage my own.


And Now


my pets…


Charlie worries most of the time, but Sundance is often quite festive.


I turned in my stilettos for rain boots and moved to the Pacific Northwest with a nervous dachshund and grumpy parrot. I started to write for real.


After three years, I got an agent. I lost her a while ago (she got broken on a cruise. They’re supposed to be more fun than it turned out to be for her).


I’ve chased publishing the old fashioned way and have only succeeded with one book published in Turkish. See? Your mother told you to learn a second language.


So I’m moving forward in the eWorld only.

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