Jan 08 2016


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Sis and I took a holiday cruise through the Panama Canal, and down around South America’s Cape Horn. Here are some observations regarding getting to and from the ship. Observations about being on the ship will have to wait until I’m not quite so exhausted from so much fun.

  • The Quality Inn in Fort Lauderdale has hit upon a neat marketing ploy aimed at people flying into the area to get on a cruise. They call themselves an airport/seaport motel. They pick you up at the airport, take you to the motel, feed you breakfast the next day, then take you to the right ship. They organize the whole thing, all for one price. I think this is a dandy package that can add life to older motels in port cities around the country.
  • No matter how they try to dress it up, a coach seat on an international flight is as comfy as an Iron Maiden. But look up there to what’s happened in business class. They call it the flatbed seat. I call it a miracle. When you want to snooze you push a button and slide forward into a prone position. You are given a fluffy blanket and pillow. You’re given slippers and a sleep mask. The ‘bed’ cradles you, its sides coming up around you as though you were in a drawer. This few hours of horizontal position will cost you every frequent flyer mile you have ever earned. And it is absolutely worth it.
  • If you are an unemployed gospel singer, I know where you can find work. Try the customs department at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. If you have one of those big boomy voices that can belt out “How Great Thou Art” chances are you can get a bunch of exhausted cattle tourists to follow the order, “American passports to the right. THE RIGHT, PILGRIM.”

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  1. They hand carry you around the Miami area so that you are not mugged on their watch!

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