Oct 07 2015


towel animalAs you may have guess from the photo of the towel animal, Sis and I just returned from a cruise. Yes, another one.

As per usual, we arrived at the ship in a state of exhaustion from the task of getting to the ship. I looked out the stateroom window and, when turning back, fell onto the bed having inexplicably rolled myself in the window drape. It fell, too. Sis may have helped me unwind, but she was in the bathroom trying to take a shower. She had nearly unscrewed the hardware before she realized those particular bits of metal weren’t the handles.

Coming home wasn’t a great deal easier. It involved a red eye and a transfer on Delta. Remember when you could be up all night and still function the next day? Not so much anymore. So I am feeling excessively snarky. Which may be why a Delta promo has irritated me.

They are coupling with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, seeking donations for the month. This strikes me as odd on the part of the BCRF people. Don’t they know that there is no other category of business (with the possible exception of medical facilities) that anger people as much as airlines? Do they really want an irritating partner? I mean, in theory any partner. But on the first flight, which left an hour late, those of us with connections had to bully past everyone else to gallop through the terminal. And who held us up at the door? A flight attendant seeking donations. On the second flight, they had the audacity to go seat to seat tin cupping, embarrassing those of us who choose to donate in other ways. Bad job, Delta. And while I’m at it, make your charity announcement once on the plane, not repeatedly.

Okay, I’m stepping off the soap box and onto the bathroom scales. I think there may have been one too many pu pu platters for the road.

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    • Dale on October 27, 2015 at 6:19 pm
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    I think you will need a cabana boy for your next excursion. I know of one who works cheap.

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