Hard To Bear

Hard To Bear
Retired P.I. Bear Jacobs and his geriatric gang investigate the case of Charlie’s missing wife. Is she a heart breaking bitch who abandons her hubby ... or a victim kidnapped to no place good?
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About the Book

Life at Latin’s Ranch adult care home is anything but restful ever since retired PI Bear Jacobs and his band of geriatric operatives dedicated themselves to righting serious wrongs. Their bodies may be letting them down, but their minds are as sharp as ever. Since they’re not as bound by rules as the law enforcement officers around them, it’s a mistake to underestimate them.

In HARD TO BEAR, the second in the PI Bear Jacobs series, a vicious gang is producing old-fashioned snuff films with a violent new twist: custom-order murder for sale. Innocent victims are being kidnapped and murdered, and Bear, a cane-wielding, overweight grouch of a shamus, investigates. He is aware there is enough evil loose in the land that there is a market for such things.

Bear’s sidekick and eWatson, Lily Gilbert, is back in action, too, keeping the case notes in a style all her own. Meanwhile, the quirky life at the adult home goes on as Lily’s daughter draws a bead on a hot new lover, the mob capo living there comes out of hiding, one of the octogenarians takes up a new craft to everyone’s dismay, and their caregiver takes in a baby to protect,.

Unbeknownst to them all, they come under danger themselves as Bear joins forces with an avenging mobster family, a special forces soldier tormented by PTSD, and a pack of mad dogs. Together, they seek out the evil that has taken root in the Pacific Northwest woods.

Series: A Bear Jacobs Mystery, Book 2
Genre: Mystery
Publication Year: 2015
Format: Paperback, Kindle
Length: 162 pgs.
ASIN: B011316FQ2
ISBN: 9780998674728

List Price: 12.95
eBook Price: 2.99
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