Bear At Sea

Bear At Sea
High life on an Alaska cruise is soon dashed by low life murderers. They poke the Bear when they endanger his geriatric gang and their aides. A very angry shamus claws his way into action.
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About the Book

CRUISES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE MORE FUN THAN THIS Eunice Taylor wins the Arctic Angel Award for her effort to save the dwindling short-tailed albatross population. The wealthy octogenarian invites the Latin’s Ranch gang on an Alaskan cruise to pick up her prize. Bear Jacobs, with bad memories of a sea voyage on a troop carrier bound for Vietnam, refuses to go. Then a murder at a nearby senior center puts the retired PI on the alert. Is Eunice in grave danger? His fear for her life – along with the prodding from his eWatson Lily – changes his mind about the cruise. He joins the other Latin’s Ranch residents, along with two aides, as they sail away from Seattle. But high life on shipboard is soon dashed by low life murderers and thieves. Good times turn to grief when one of their aides is struck down, the other disappears and multiple attempts are made to murder Eunice. This cruise is full of harrowing surprises. Bear and the gang put themselves in danger to solve the case of the short-tailed albatross. Bear at Sea is the third book in the Bear Jacobs series.

Series: A Bear Jacobs Mystery, Book 3
Genre: Mystery
Publication Year: 2017
Format: Paperback, Kindle
Length: 160 pgs.
ISBN: 9780998674704

List Price: 12.95
eBook Price: 2.99
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