Feb 05 2016

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Bowie Lust mediumOnce upon a time, I thought I’d write a series about Spirit Cat and her flying bear. I was stymied when people said, “Why the fuck would a cat ride a bear?” It seemed a reasonable question, so I started over. New names, new adventures.


I will soon release my new novella series Cascadian Ventures. The series has bold spirits and wicked gods and hot sex and gratuitous violence and lengthy blue streaks of swearing and real humans from back in history and morals and … well, let me just say, these are rocking good stories.

But guess what I’ve discovered? It is no longer enough to be rocking good stories. The novellas must be a certain category of rocking good stories.

So I straightened my back, rolled up my sleeves and dug into that holiest of websites, Amazon, from whom all blessings flow for us lowly scribes. I plumbed the depths of their categories, attempting to demystifying their inner workings.

This shouldn’t be hard. I know the novellas are fantasies, right? I mean flying bears, for the love of God. But! While my back was turned, fantasy has become a lot bigger deal than Disney and Grimm or even Twilight and Harry Potter. The author has to choose the sub-category of fantasy. Is it sci fi or just a scary story? Sword and sorcery? Coming of age? Magic? Paranormal? Supernatural? Time travel? Steam punk? Urban? Young adult? Etc.

Holy camoly!

With great angst and aggravation, I have decided my stories are urban fantasy since they take place in contemporary times on earth but have supernatural elements and creatures (yes, that actually is a definition). However, they aren’t in urban settings. They’re in the Pacific Northwest. They’re sort of wilderness fantasy. Crap. I don’t know.

Until I solve the puzzle, I can’t tell you where to find the first novella, Jim Bowie and the Goddess of Lust … but when the time comes, search it by title or by my name, not by category. Otherwise you’ll never find it among the hundreds of thousands of banshees and vampires and inner-wolves and shapeshifters already online. It’s a very dangerous place to get lost.

I’ll let you know when it’s there. Then your quest can begin.

BTW, if you are interested in doing an honest review, I could send you a pdf. Let me know at www.myerslindab@gmail.com.


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  1. Judy Duncan

    How about: Fantasy Romance with a Flying Bear ??

    1. lindabmyers

      I bet I could be the bestseller in that category!

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