Feb 05 2016


Once upon a time, I thought I’d write a series about Spirit Cat and her flying bear. I was stymied when people said, “Why the fuck would a cat ride a bear?” It seemed a reasonable question, so I started over. New names, new adventures. Ta-Dah! I will soon release my new novella series Cascadian …

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Jan 30 2016


I came across this the other day, written by the Mister in a nursing home many years ago. He died seven years ago come this March. My life has gone on and blossomed in ways I never thought it would. But I miss his sense of the absurd. I miss him. Welcome to the House of Nobody Here, …

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Jan 20 2016


  Easy To Enter … Easy To Win … No Purchase Necessary … Void Wherever I Choose … Contest Ends Soon Totally at the Discretion of the Judges (aka Me) Enter for your chance to win your very own collector edition of a PI Bear Jacobs mug. This is an eleven-ounce mug with graphics from …

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Jan 13 2016


I see him every Wednesday when I go to my writers group. He is pastured a field of lavender away from where I stand, so he is not close to me. I do not speak to him. But he intrigues me. He is not magnificent with his Roman nose and swayed back. But he does …

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Jan 08 2016


Sis and I took a holiday cruise through the Panama Canal, and down around South America’s Cape Horn. Here are some observations regarding getting to and from the ship. Observations about being on the ship will have to wait until I’m not quite so exhausted from so much fun. The Quality Inn in Fort Lauderdale …

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Dec 29 2015


Overheard while in line at McDonald’s: Customer:    And I’d like fries with that. Employee:   What size fries? Customer:    Um, I guess about four or five inches.   To marketers sending me emails with subject lines like “You brake walls with your boner” or “Take love gun out n shoot” or “Forge huge love sword” be advised: I …

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Dec 24 2015


I like paper books. But I also like ebooks. They each have their place. An ebook weighs less, has variable type size, is backlit. You can store hundreds of them in a space no bigger than a piece of toast. But I have just discovered one thing that ebooks really suck at. You can’t wing them off …

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Dec 18 2015


It’s something that happens to you with age, like fallen arches or colonoscopies. You no longer seek anyone else’s approval in what you wear. Fuck Fashion becomes your motto. Maybe it’s getting back in touch with your inner child who is a damn sight more fun than you’ve been for decades. For me, the big …

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Dec 09 2015


I believe in Multiple Personality Disorder. For a lot of people, this is akin to believing in the Tooth Fairy or deer with red noses. To make it more palatable, the behavior was renamed a while back to Associative Identity Disorder. Not that that helps things much. Believers by and large stay deep in the closet on …

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Dec 03 2015


It’s a custom: I fall once a year. It’s still coming for 2015, and time is getting short. It will be caused by a stair that is too high or a somersault on ice or a drunken lurch through the nearest casino. The older I get, the more I dread it. Much like farting or …

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